Industry leading automotive auction software?

Our software will allow you to run fully featured timed and live webcast automotive auctions from your own website.

With over ten years experience helping auto auctioneers conduct online auctions, we have the knowledge and experience to help. 

We know automotive auction software has to be robust, reliable, scalable for auctioneers and simple and intuitive for bidders.

Handy features that your bidders will love

Automotive car auctions lend themselves particularly well to both timed and live webcast auction formats. Enabling online bidders to participate creates more competition for every vehicle you sell.

Using our automotive auction software, your online bidders will enjoy a highly interactive and engaging experience with a range of feature rich options including rotating car picture galleries, videos, printable detailed vehicle reports in PDF form on a per lot basis as well as in-system notifications and more.

For Live Webcast auto auctions your bidders can now bid with the freedom and simplicity of App-Free bidding . No more annoying apps to download, your bidders can bid from any where, on any device – simply by visiting your website. See and bid on auctions in real time, using an immersive online auction platform that will have your bidders feel like they’re actually at the auction.

You will have at your disposal many back end options such as  in-built invoicing  and bidder management .

Why your business needs our online auction software

There aren’t many automotive auction companies in the world that have both the experience and worldwide support options to support any auction from anywhere around the globe. We know that you’ll appreciate an online auction platform that runs from your website and provides a convenient hub where you can manage each and every aspect of your online auctions.

The system is styled in your branding, colours and logos, meaning that your automotive or auto auction brand is at the forefront of each an every sale.

Detailed descriptions and unlimited photo uploads allows you to have infinite opportunities to advertise and communicate each lot online.

Our software is built using the latest technologies in HTML5 meaning that the platform will run smoothly across all modern browsers, mobile phones and tablets. (* including live streaming auction on iPhone and Android mobile devices completely App-Free). Bidders will love this speedy bidding breakthrough.

Not only are our auctions simple to manage, but with our software, you could be up and running with your first automotive auction in hours! 

Our system allows you to sell automotive assets online with all the popular auction formats, including pre-bidding before and during auctions, as well as the regular timed, sealed and webcast options.

Feature rich options such as pre-bidding, bid extension and lot staggering come as standard within our sales, and can be turned on and off as you wish. Detailed reporting, bidder management are in-built into the system as well.

We a firm believer in ensuring that your customers stay your customers, so your bidder lists are never swapped, shared or re-marketed to. With marketing support and expert assistance from our in-house web-designers, your auctions are supported from all angles.